Sell My Home

Sellers Portal For Your Active Listings

Only available with the Smart Sites Platinum package.

Improve communication with your active sellers and attract new ones...

Sell My Home is a sellers portal feature of the Smart Sites Platinum Website package. It offers you the ability to enter showing information, advertisement activity and monitor all activity associated to an active listing. At the same time, it allows your active listing client to easily view the status and progress of their property simply by logging into your website.

(Screenshot of where your seller access Sell My home)
(Your client clicks on "View Sell My Home for your property" to visit the Sell My Home summary page)

The Sell My Home Summary Page contains...

(6) Web Site Activity Information compiled from your website and all other Smart Site Websites, including
  • Showings – will tell you the number of times a showing appointment has been created for this property
  • Views – how many times the property detail page has been viewed
  • Saves – how many times the property has been ‘saved’ by another customer or client
  • Buyers – the number of saved searches where this property matches the search criteria
  • Appearances – The number of times the property has been returned in a search results
(7) Property Information – from the MLS
(8) Market Statistics – from your website and all other Smart Site Websites, including
(9) Showings & Feedback – from the ‘List of Showings’ information you have entered
(10) Marketing Activity – from the Marketing Activities and Open/Appointment, Ads and information you have entered

(Screenshot of the Sell My Home summary page with numbered legend)

You can set various preferences for email notifications and control displayed information...

Click Sell My Home Preferences – to select email preference for yourself and your client
  • The default frequency will be set to Weekly, but you can change it to Daily or Monthly
  • You can also add up to 8 additional email addresses to cc on the email

  • You can select to display the Showing Agent and Showing Office via the respective checkboxes (shown above). If you do not select these, the showing agent and/or office, will remain anonymous to your seller.
  • The Edit or Approve Feedback Before Publishing Comments checkbox will hide comments from showing agents until you specifically approve them to be displayed for your seller.
  • To the right of Showings & Feedback, click ‘Add New’ to enter showing and open house date and times

(Screenshot of the Add New Showing / Open House option)

  • To the right of Marketing Activities, click Add New to enter activity date and comments

(Screenshot of the Add New Activity option)

Weekly Update Email...

  • A new weekly email can be automatically sent from Sell My Home to your clients. The email will be sent on Monday mornings. The exact time may vary depending on the number of emails being delivered. The email includes information from the previous week regarding their property.
  • Any marketing activity and showings information including feedback entered during the previous week will be included in the email. If there haven’t been any showings or marketing activity added in the previous week, these sections will simply not appear in the email.
  • Activity charts with daily intervals are available in the Weekly or Monthly emails. The data in the charts are for the date range indicated at the top of the email. 

Sell My Home on the go...

  • The mobile-friendly version of Sell My Home is slightly different than the full site views above. When a client has a Sell My Home property they’ll see a Sell My Home button on your mobile website.
  • This opens the Sell My Home Mobile Summary page with listing information and activity on their property.
  • A link to Showing/Feedback can be found at the bottom of the page. Very similar to the full site Sell My home, showing times and feedback will be displayed here.

Sell My Home helps you get more listings...

Demonstrate Sell My Home to listing prospects in your listing presentation
Impress listing prospects with a cutting-edge sellers portal
Give your active listing clients the piece of mind that their working with a real estate professional
Leverage the internet activity of all Smart Site websites (not just yours) when displaying listing activity reports
Keep your active listing clients informed with the automated weekly summary email

Frequently asked questions...

How can I get Sell My Home?

Sell My Home is only available with the purchase of the Smart Sites Platinum package.

How do I use it?

Sell My Home is only applicable to your active listing clients. Just create their website account and enable Sell My Home.

I have other questions, can I call and talk to someone?

Yes. Click here for pre-sales support or call (909) 859-2040 ext. 2095.