SmartIDX with SmartDesk and SmartDocs Packages

Starting June 15th, 2016 CRMLS will no longer be offering the SmartIDX/SmartDesk and SmartDocs products as a free member benefit. However, you have the option of purchasing an annual license if you wish to continue using these products.  You now have the option to purchase an annual license for SmartDocs (by itself), the SmartIDX/SmartDesk bundle or the SmartIDX/SmartDesk + SmartDocs bundle.  If you have additional questions, please contact us for more information.  

Note that agents with an active SmartSites website account are NOT effected by the changes related to SmartDesk and SmartIDX because those items are included with SmartSites.

SmartIDX + SmartDesk package

$199.95 annual fee + $49.95 one-time setup fee 

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*recurs automatically unless cancelled in writing 30 days prior

The SmartIDx + SmartDesk package includes the following: 


SmartIDX feeds information directly from MLSs to provide the most timely data to consumers, giving them more reasons to visit your website often and become a client.

Features of SmartIDX include:

  • Interactive map search with rooftop accuracy
  • Forced lead capture with visitor registration, instant email notifications, contact forms and auto-responders
  • The ability to engage visitors with over 100 points of interest and WalkScores
  • Driving directions with your contact information
  • Detailed property information
  • Personalized branding on all MLS listings
  • Neighborhood statistics including school, housing, environmental and more
  • (Note: Next business day account activation from date of order)


SmartDesk features relevant, high-quality yet easy to use marketing tools to help engage and nurture your contacts and leads.

  • Manage your daily communications
  • Integrates vital business tools into a single, personalized dashboard
  • Create professional listing flyers in a few easy steps
  • Create automatically follow-up email marketing campaigns
  • Generate neighborhood and school statistical reports
  • Manage your schedule with an events calendar
  • (Note: Next business day account activation from date of order)


SmartDocs (only)

$149.00 annual fee

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*recurs automatically unless cancelled in writing 30 days prior


  • Eliminate Stacks of Paperwork
  • Digitally Manage Documents
    Comprehensive Tracking
  • Smart Fax or Email Documents for Storage
  • Accessible Any Time, Any Place
  • Doc Vault secures your files
  • (Note: Next business day account activation from date of order)

Store Safely

Safety is key when it comes to highly confidential documents. Secure storage of files via Smart Docs is reliable and trustworthy

Track Confidently

Document tracking and retrieval is simple with the powerful content search functionality provided through Smart Docs


Piles of paper is a thing of the past. Digitize, store and share your documents in a safe and secure document storage environment


Is there an option to continue using SmartDesk and/or SmartIDX?

Yes. You can purchase an annual license for the SmartDesk/SmartIDX bundle, click here to order online.

I can't access SmartDesk anymore to get to my contacts, what do I do?

Contact SmartSites technical support at (866) 930-3206, option 1 for additional assistance. 

When is the cutoff date to access SmartDesk if I don't buy it?

As of June 15, 2016 SmartDesk is no longer a free member benefit. Contact SmartSites technical support at (866) 930-3206, option 1 for additional assistance. 

What's going to happen to my SmartIDX links?

As of June 15, 2016 SmartIDX is no longer a free member benefit. Contact SmartSites technical support at (866) 930-3206, option 1 for additional assistance.  If you decide to purchase the SmartDesk/SmartIDX bundle all of your existing links continue to work (note: your account will be activated the next business day from date of order).

What do I get by purchasing the SmartDesk / SmartIDX license?

You get to continue using SmartDesk and SmartIDX as you know it today. 

What if I only want to use SmartDesk?

You still need to order the SmartIDX/SmartDesk package because the two products are inseparable, one requires the other and cannot be purchased separately.

Are there any other options to SmartIDX, I'm interested in upgrading web presence overall?

Yes. Consider upgrading to a SmartSite! Click here to learn more about SmartSites Gold and Platinum.

I have a SmartSite, will these changes impact me?

Not at all. SmartSite subscribers will continue to have access to SmartDesk and the IDX on your SmartSite will not be impacted.

What about SmartDocs?

If you wish to continue using SmartDocs please purchase the annual SmartDocs license. Purchasing the license will allow seamless continued access to your SmartDocs account and files moving forward. After you complete your purchase an email will be sent to you with updated login instructions. 

I just placed my order, now what ?

Your account should be activated the next business day and you will receive an email with login instructions.

How do I login to SmartDocs?

Click here for detailed information on how to login to SmartDocs.

How do I login to SmartIDX / SmartDesk?

Click here to access SmartDesk (login using your MLS login credentials)

How will I get technical support moving forward?

You will have continued access to free technical support for SmartDesk, SmartIDX and SmartDocs by calling the SmartSites customer support line at (866) 930-3206 option 1 or email For pre-sales support and product information call (800) 336-1027 option 2 or email

How will I access SmartDesk and/or SmartDocs if/when the link to it is removed from my MLS portal?

A direct link to the SmartDesk and/or SmartDocs login screen will be sent to you after you purchase your annual license.

What is SmartIDX?

SmartIDX is an IDX solution designed to be added to your existing website in order to provide current listing information from the MLS to your website visitors. It is available as a “frame in” IDX Property Search solution that can be added to any website platform. It is not a website by its self, it's just the property search system.

What’s the difference between SmartIDX and SmartSites Gold / Platinum?

SmartSites Gold and Platinum are full featured agent branded website solutions with a built-in state of the art IDX system. There are too many differences to list here in this FAQ however here are some key benefits of a SmartSite as opposed to implementing SmartIDX on your existing website:

  • A mobile IDX MLS property search website is included (Requires Gold or Platinum package)
  • Search Engine Optimized - Each listings in the MLS will have its own URL that the search engine can read
  • Dynamic listing widgets can be used on any or all pages to feature listings in a rotating carousel
  • Much, much more…

What happens if I change offices or brokers?

Your office information will be updated accordingly.

How do I place my order?

Order online by clicking on the appropriate button. You will be taken to to enter your credit card billing information and checkout.

I'm new, how long does it take to get the SmartIDX/SmartDesk package setup?

We should be able to get you up and running within 2 to 3 business days.

Where do I go to make changes to my SmartIDX account and/or create custom search links?

You login to SmartDesk first and then under the marketing tab in the left column, click on "SmartIDX" link to access the SmartIDX settings.