2. Add Your Contacts 

By now, we hope you have taken the opportunity to personalize your profile as described in the previous email titled “Succees with Smart Desk: Personalize Your Profile”. Now it’s time to add your contacts to Smart Desk.




Adding your contacts to Smart Desk is a simple, two step approach.  First, export your contacts through Matrix, your personal email or contact management system such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, etc. 


We've gathered a few different videos that will assist you in exporting your contacts from different systems (each word below should be a hyperlink leading the user to the appropriate video):


Next, import your contacts into Smart Desk.  Click here to watch the simple, step-by-step instructions videos on how to import.


Keep Learning

Smart Desk training is available via webinar each month and are often held onsite at your local Association Board of Realtors.  To receive free, live training sessions by Smart Desk experts, check out the training schedule


If you need assistance using Smart Desk contact CRMLS Customer Care at 800-925-2040.