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You will be able to choose from any of the website designs below...

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The SmartSites Gold & Platinum are full featured web marketing systems ...

If you're looking for a web marketing system, as opposed to just a website, then either SmartSites Gold or Platinum is for you. You will be able to force registration (capture leads) after website visitors view a certain number of property detail pages. Additionally you will have full access to add / edit & delete pages as well as the main navigation tabs. You may also customize the listings that appear on the homepage and your own listings will be featured automatically. The mobile IDX website is included in both packages.

The 3 main differences between SmartSites Gold and Platinum ...

The 3 main differences are:

  1. Choose from 45 different design templates (limited to 21 with Gold)
  2. Add up to 100 pages (limited to 20 with Gold)
  3. Sell My Home Sellers Portal (not included with Gold)

Professional Website Design

Choose from up to 45 different professional website designs (Platinum) that are easily editable with a Content Management System that allows you to add, edit or delete your website content at anytime. 

Awesome IDX Property Search Included

A good IDX property search is an absolute must for a successful real estate website. The Smart Sites IDX property search is simply awesome! Fast, easy and powerful property searching for your website visitors.

Mobile IDX Website Included

Your website will automatically display the mobile version when someone visits your site from a mobile phone. The "Nearby Properties" button will display properties from the MLS that are closest to them. 


Frequently asked questions...

Is there a 12 month term agreement?

Yes. A 12 month term agreement is required.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel within the first 30 days free of charge, excluding any setup fees that may have been charged.

Is website hosting and the IDX property search system included in the fee?


Do I have to write a bunch of website content and other time consuming stuff to get my site all setup?

No. We have default website content already in place for you.

Will someone actually setup the whole thing for me?

Yes. We do it all for you. After you place your order, just email the Project Manager your picture and any other content you want on your site and we'll take care of it.

Who do I call if I have I need help?

You can call: 866-930-3206 (dedicated for Smart Site Support)

How long does it take to get setup?

About 1 week from the time we receive your completed order form.

Do I need to buy a domain name / website address?

Yes, you will need your own domain name. If you already have a domain name we should be able to use it assuming you have access and control of your domain name.

Can I use multiple domains with my Smart Site?

Yes. A primary domain name needs to be established and then you can have secondary domains redirect to the primary domain. This is done through your domain name host.

Are website analytics included or can I add Google analytics?

Yes to both. We offer a basic website visit tracker but we recommend Google analytics for detailed website analytics reporting.

Are Smart Sites SEO friendly and / or can I hire a 3rd party SEO company to optimize my Smart Site?

Yes to both. Feel free to SEO your own Smart Site or outsource it to a reputable SEO company.

How many pages can I add to the Smart Sites Gold website?

Up to 20 additional custom content pages can be added. An unlimited amount of jump search pages can be added.

What's the difference between a "custom content page" and a "jump search page"?

Custom content pages include your own personal text, pictures, videos and just about any other web content you produce (ie; your "About Me" page) and don't display the IDX property search system. Jump search pages only include IDX property search data and cannot display any custom content (ie; your pictuers or text). Jump search pages allow you to create pages of pre-defined property criteria that effectively left website visitors "Jump" through the MLS to see property of a particular type, criteria, price point, location, etc. (Ex: Single family homes / Active Status / City of Irvine / Between $500K and $800K)